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Reawakening - Residential Retreat


Dartmoor's Daughter will be leading walks, providing foraging trips, and offering storytelling workshops and sacred ceremonies, to guide you to listen, heal and own your wise woman power, trusted intuition and grounded sacred body on this five-day reawakening residential retreat, organised by Nicky Clinch, Transformational Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Warrior Woman movement.

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Throughout this retreat it is my calling to guide you through a deep, transformative process to shift stuck self-expression and emotion, and allow you to become fully aligned with your most alive, empowered and feminine self.

Over our five days together we will focus on re-awakening the life force within you so that it flows in abundance and revitalises your soul. We will step out of our current lives, surrender into a space of trust and magic, and set new intentions for your life moving forwards.

This unique retreat is by far the most powerful and sacred work I offer and happens only once a year—an opportunity not to be missed! If you feel a deep soul calling to reawaken and realign, please book your place and don’t look back, it will be your most sacred gift to yourself.


 To clear and unblock stagnant energy and emotion, and to reawaken your creative self-expression, sexuality, vitality, and passion for life.

To reconnect you with the most authentic part of your being, and to restore you into alignment with who you truly are and how you want to be living your future life.


 This retreat is for any woman in need of deep, restorative and healing space. Looking to replenish and reawaken her most authentic creativity and self-expression, release the stuck places of the past and create space for her future being. Any woman who wants to receive safe holding and healing from a powerful circle of women, and become part of this circle for life.

Do you feel blocked in how to use your voice and express yourself authentically?

Do you feel depleted, low in energy and stuck physically?

Are you longing for deeper fulfilment in your life and how you’re living it?

Are you searching for a safe and powerful holding space where you can release old emotions and stories that are holding you back?

This retreat is for you.

If you do not know why, but you’re called to come on this retreat…

Trust. This retreat is for you.


 You will be in the hands of some of the most highly skilled and respected transformational facilitators in the country. All experts in their field, ready to offer you high quality and long-lasting transformation and emotional healing in body, mind, heart and soul.

We will provide you with professional, safe and powerful holding every step of the way and be a stand for your most powerful future self to emerge.


 To release old patterns and pain, and create space for the new, we need to move our bodies. Movement dynamically shifts stagnant energy and sparks new life-force, catalysing the flow of vitality and energy throughout the physical, emotional and energetic self.

Each day will begin with a bodywork session—yoga, qi gong or walking. This will be held in the studio space, or weather permitting out on beautiful Dartmoor herself.

Venue: Puggiestone House, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park