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Dowsing for Earth Energies at Drizzlecombe - Walk, Learn, Practice - Dartmoor Walking Festival - Fully booked


Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to find water, archaeological remains, missing people, and allergy testing. Led by Dartmoor’s Daughter and a member of 'Devon Dowsers', we will learn how to dowse for water, 'earth energies', and archaeological remains at the impressive Drizzlecombe ceremonial complex. The best preserved of Dartmoor’s prehistoric ceremonial sites, it includes stone rows, standing stones, the ‘Giant’s Basin’ cairn as well as barrows, cists, and hut circles. D365 squares include S6 and S7.

The day is designed for adults but older, engaged children are welcome.


Price: £10 adults and £5 children (recommended between the ages of 9-16 years old). This includes the use of dowsing rods, which you may choose to purchase (at cost) at the end of the walk. Pre-booking essential as group size limited.

Further Information

Level: 2 out of 5 - the pace will be gentle for approximately 2.5 miles or 4 km with several stops along the way. The dowsing teaching is primarily aimed at beginners or those with some knowledge. As an expert dowser, you are welcome to join us but the first hour will be dedicated to teaching beginner dowsing skills.

What to bring/wear: Plenty of warm layers as we will make several stops along our walk, sunscreen, waterproof jacket and trousers (whatever the weather forecast); sturdy walking shoes; packed lunch and drink. And bring rods or pendulum if you have them.

Sorry, no dogs (it's difficult to juggle dowsing rods and animals together!)

Where to meet: 10.15am for 10:30am start at the old Scout Hut near Gutter Tor. Grid Reference SX 577 673

Follow the road through Sheepstor Village to the end and park near the scout hut. The nearest postcode is PL20 6PF but this will not take you to the exact location, so please use a map or ask for directions if you need.

Parking is very limited so please carshare (let us know where you are coming from and we can help to arrange carshares) and arrive early/on time!

Cancellation: The walk will go ahead unless there are strong winds or torrential rain. Please check your emails 12-24 hours beforehand. Sorry no refunds if you are unable to attend.

Risk: No liability accepted for accidents or incidents