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Dowsing for Dragons - Kids Fun on Dartmoor

Dragons are real, yes really. They are usually friendly. But sometimes they can be very fierce and breathe fire if you upset them. There are many myths and legends about dragons living on Dartmoor. Tin-miners used to see ‘dragon’s breath’ vapours coming out of the tin mines. The dragon at Becka Brook liked to make a lunch out of the local farmer’s sheep and cattle. Lone travellers feared to walk too near the dragon’s lair at O’Brook in case they were eaten! And the mist that suddenly rolls in across the moor was known by the old people as ‘dragon’s breath’.

As well as dragons living on top of the earth, they also live deep down below us. There are ancient energy pathways called Leylines or 'Dragon Lines' that exist all over the world. And many ancient and powerful places were built on them including Stone Henge and Avebury. We will teach your children how to dowse with metal rods and pendulums to see if we can find water, hut circles, and 'dragon lines' along the earth near the O'Brook. We may even come across a nest of baby dragon eggs!


Cost: £12 per child. All children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Further Information

Age range: The event is aimed at 5-9 years old. Depending on pace and engagement levels, it maybe possible for children to join in that are a year younger or older. Please get in touch if you have any questions about suitability.

What to bring: Dartmoor weather is unpredictable and forecasts are unreliable, so please wear/bring plenty of layers, sunscreen, wet weather jacket and trousers, sturdy walking shoes/boots. And please bring snacks and drinks with you.

Where to meet: 2.15pm for a 2.30pm start at Combestone Tor car park. The nearest postcode is PL20 6SE but please don't rely on a sat nav to get you to the exact spot! The car park can be found at Grid Reference SX670718 on the road between Venford Reservoir and Hexworthy. Mobile reception is patchy or non-existent so please get in touch if you need directions. And don't rely on being able to reach us after 12 midday.

Cancellation: Sorry no refunds if your child is unable to attend. If the event is cancelled due to bad weather (fog or torrential rain can be dangerous as well as no fun for children), you will receive notification 12-24 hours prior and can choose to join a future event or be refunded the full fee. Please include your contact details - email and mobile/telephone - and children's ages when booking/paying. And check your emails 12-24 hours before scheduled event. 

Please note: Walks and groups are at your own risk. No liability is accepted for accidents or incidents.