Dartmoor’s Daughter

Experience Collection

Visiting Dartmoor and want to book an unforgettable day out for you, your family, or your group? Explore, learn and enjoy Dartmoor National Park with our carefully crafted experiences, designed for those wanting to truly immerse themselves in this ancient, wild and beautiful land. Click on an experience below to find out more and to book.


Step back in time to experience the history and mystery of Ancient Britain and its people. Dartmoor has one of the highest concentrations of prehistory relics across north west Europe. Bring your senses alive and imagine what it might have been like to live thousands of years ago as we walk majestic granite tors to enjoy stunning views; visit ruined settlements, ancient stone rows, circles and standing stones. All whilst foraging any available wild edibles along the way as our ancestors might have done.

Walk with us through a stunning landscape and along part of the historic Haytor Granite Tramway. Hear stories of the quarrymen, tram-pulling ponies, and nearby legends, We may even see a semi-wild pony herd in their natural habitat.

Then visit the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) where you will have an hour’s hands-on experience with Dartmoor Heritage Ponies – grooming, hoof-picking, and walking on a lead rein in the ring. Learn about the lives and work of the farmers who keep the ponies on the ‘Commons’ of Dartmoor.